5 Food Myths Debunked!

You can’t warm rice

The NHS says: you shouldn’t warm rice since it can cause an awful kind of bacteria called Bacillus Cereus to grow. What we all generally overlook, in any case it is only if the reheating isn’t done effectively to over 70 degrees celcius.

Preferably, all cooked rice ought to be eaten quickly. Be that as it may, if leftovers are cooled rapidly (inside 60 minutes) and put away in the fridge, it is okay to eat the following day. Simply guarantee that the rice is sizzling when you warm it.


Swallowing gum takes 7 years to digest

The well known urban legend suggests that swallowed gum will take seven years to go through the gut. While gum does contains fixings that are unpalatable, this does not imply that it will wait in the stomach for a considerable length of time. The characteristic movement of the stomach related framework will just move it through the body at generally indistinguishable pace from everything else you’ve eaten, to eventually be discharged.

Microwaves kills nutrients

The expression “radiation” unnerves individuals, and it’s a typical misguided judgment that cooking or reheating food in the microwave can be harmful to our wellbeing.

While the waves of radiation used to warm food in the microwave are like other, increasingly hazardous waves of radiation, the fact of the matter is that they are a whole lot shorter, and just focus on specific particles, for example, water. The energy from the waves makes the particles vibrate, along these lines producing warmth and cooking the food.

Harvard Therapeutic School calls attention to that utilizing a microwave to cook food or reheat food can really be helpful, as cooking times are shorter and less water is required, permitting less damage to food, for example, broccoli holds a greater amount of their healthy nutrients than if they’d been boiled.

Hair of the dog

Individuals have suggested since the sixteenth century that the most ideal approach to fix a hangover is by having another alcoholic beverage. It is believed that by giving your body the liquor it pines for, you will have the capacity to counterbalance the queasiness, perspiring and part migraine related with the hangover.

Shockingly, there is no solid logical proof to propose this is the situation.

Detoxes are beneficial for you

Each January we are blockaded by new diets (for the most part including juicing, soup and many more) that guarantee to “detoxify” the body by expelling dangerous substances developing the body. Except if you happen to have not lost your liver, you’ll be mitigated to hear that your body is as of now doing this, and doing it rather well. Your organs use mixed responses to change unsafe toxins into safe ones that are normally discharged.


Confining yourself to a fluid eating routine could really accomplish more damage than anything: juices do not have the fundamental fiber of solid products and you could be denying yourself basic proteins and minerals.