Get your life back by not ‘people pleasing’!

My most loved day of the year is the day we change from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time. The clock goes back, giving me a valuable additional hour. I generally appear to require additional time — throughout the years, my desire to please hasn’t made a difference. I don’t review it being in such interest in my 20’s.

One of my vices is, like most of us, I want to accomplish beyond what I can. This frequently prompts helping other people take care of their issues over my own. I would prefer not to disillusion my youngsters, I needed to address my folks’ issues as they matured, do my best at work, and be accessible for the board of trustees or association requesting help. In this way, I consented to whatever was asked of me; I didn’t need others to think I was narrow minded and cold-blooded — something that often happens when you turn somebody down. However, there are only a certain number of hours in a week, and something needed to give. To put it plainly, I couldn’t say no.

I understood that I expected to do a good job of setting up and guarding my limits. They are vital to putting more prominent accentuation on your confidence and your objectives — and not being a deep rooted accommodating person covered in a torrential slide of ‘to-dos’.


How I figured out how to state ‘NO’ easily

My over-burden, never-ending fatigue and dissatisfaction were the driving force for composing The Book of No: 365 Ways to Say it and Mean it―and Stop People-Pleasing Forever. From my exploration, I discovered that you can say no to companions, neighbors, family, associates, supervisors and even pushy sales reps without harming connections.

I recommend this book to help you get your life back.