UNTEALIEVABLE: Drinking three cuppas of tea a week will help you live longer

DRINKING three cups of tea or more every seven days is connected to a longer and happier but most of all healthier life, researchers state.

Their examination discovered green tea was the best however those drinking normal tea were still absorbing healthy benefits.

Analysts discovered drinking three cups of tea seven days could be connected to a longer life.

It is accepted polyphenols in the tea secure against coronary illness and raised pulse.

The analysts evaluated a 50-year-old typical tea consumers had a 20 percent lower danger of coronary illness and a stroke, and a 22 percent lower danger of dying from either.


Their risk of death from any reason was additionally found to drop 15 percent.

Brits most loved black tea compared to just eight percent in the South East Asian study so the advantages were hazy.

The Chinese research group recommends green tea is rich in polyphenols however back tea is completely fermented so may lose a portion of their beneficial effects.

What’s more, black tea is regularly drank with milk, which may counteract the good health benefits.

“Frequent tea consumption is related with lower dangers of cardiovascular illness.”

“The greatest health impacts are from green tea and for lifetime tea consumers.”